PJSE is an interdisciplinary journal committed to publishing articles on emancipatory movements aimed at achieving Social Equality. Social Equality is the desired goal for much of the world's peoples since settled societies came into being. In deeply hierarchical societies, the battle for social equality forms the basis of historical struggles, ongoing movements, and everyday politics. Editorial priority is a focus on structures of oppression and exploitation rather than on objectification of marginalized communities. PJSE is a quarterly and publishes articles, interviews, translations, reviews, special issues, and discussions on the following focus areas. 

The perspectives of scholars and writers from marginalized communities on age-old and universal values of Equality, Liberty, Dignity, and Justice.

The basic philosophical questions of Self, Other, Being and on the questions of Faith and Religion in countries having a diversity of faith practices.

Centering quantitative approaches towards understanding structures of oppression in societies such as India and others, which are deliberately made to function on non-factual information informing public opinion and policies.

On Science, Innovation and Technology advancements that enable Social Equality.

On the relationships, contradictions, and distinctions between Social, Economic, Political and Legal equality.

On Art and Culture in enabling social equality and disabling hegemony.